How To Choose Red Lipstick For Dark Skin

Do you want to know that how to choose red lipstick for dark skin? Whenever we talk about some of the best shades for the lipstick in the women then we always highlight the name of red color. Red doesn’t mean that it will be just counted in the brighter color as there are man diverse tones of red color that are set for the women with the different skin tones i.e. lighter, medium and dark shade. Making the choice of the right color of lipstick that matches with your skin tone is one of the most complicated tasks. But we can just suggest the women with the tip that never follow the latest trend just make the choice of such lipstick shade that is appearing to be comfortable for you. In this article we will going to share some of the best guidelines that will going to help out the women with the question that how they can make the choice of red lipstick for darker skin tone.

How To Choose Red Lipstick For Dark Skin

How To Choose Red Lipstick For Dark Skin

1. Fair Skin and Light Hair: If you have fair skin with the coverage of lighter hairs then you should make the choice of red color lipstick that has orange and yellow shades as well. This shade will going to appear out complimenting for your fair skin and lighter hairs as well.

2. Dark Skin and Dark Hair: For the dark skin and dark hair the best would be blue based as well as pink tone reds. As you have the darker skin tone then the choice of brighter and bolder lipstick colors without looking gaudy will going to appear as one of the best choices for you. Only the darker lipstick shades can make your darker skin tone as noticeable ones.

3. Dark Hair and Pale Skin Tone: For the darker hair and pale skin tone the women has to make the choice of shades that are blended ones. Reds with yellow and orange bases suit perfectly for the darker skin. If you think that your skin is a little pale the reds with blue base are one of the best choices as well. If you have an extreme darker hairs then reds with blue undertones are such lipstick shades that can make your darker hairs and pale skin tone as attractive looking for others.

4. Light Hair and Dark Skin: Lastly we have the lighter hair and dark skin tone. If you think that your skin tone has the bronze glow then you should make the choice of reds with yellow or orange undertones. If you have darker skin tone then you can make it slightest lighter with the choice of yellow/orange based reds. Always make one thing clear in mind that for the darker skin tone red that has a blue base shade should be your first choice.

So all the women out there just grab all the above shades of lipstick right now and make your dark skin as attractive looking for others.

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