How To Make A High Ponytail With Long Hair

Do you know that how to make a high ponytail with long hairs? Well there are many girls that are always favoring to undertake with the styling of ponytail for their long hairs in the summer as well as winter timings. Making up the ponytails will be helpful in managing the hairs and making you feel comfortable as well. In the below portion of the article we will going to highlight the main steps that are helpful for making the high ponytail for long hair.

How To Make A High Ponytail With Long Hair

How To Make A High Ponytail With Long Hair

Main Items For Making Ponytail:

1. Hair elastic

2. Bobby pin

3. Hairspray

4. Hairbrush

5. Fine-tooth comb

6. Toothbrush

Steps For Making High Ponytail For Long Hair:

1. In the very beginning you should wash the hair properly and make it confirmed that whether it is cleaned or not. In order to give some texture to the hairs just make the use of the dry shampoo and hairspray as well. This will going to allow the ponytail to stay longer lasting in one shape throughout the whole day.

2. In the next step you should pull your hair up towards the crown of your head. Make one thing clear that you are pulling the hairs upward and not in the back side of the hairs. Just tie up the hairs in the same way as you carry out in the daily routine.

3. After making the ponytail just brush the pony in the form of the bumps for getting smooth and fluffy sleek ponytail.

4. You should make the ponytail in such a way that it is shaped in the center of your head that would be visible from the front. Make sure that your keep the hairs elastic and secure the pony in just one position.

5. If you want to give away the chic and classy look to the ponytail then you can even make the choice of setting 1-inch section of hair from the underside of your ponytail and after it wrapping it around the hair elastic. For hiding the pony you can even beautify it with the help of pins as well.

6. For adding up the volume in the ponytail you can even tease the ponytail in the company of a fine-tooth comb and all combing up the hairs in the gentle way upwards and towards the front.

7. If in case your hairs are served with any fly aways then you can make the use of toothbrush with hairspray and brush down any fly aways. This way, you tame your hair without making it completely flat.

So all the girls out there if you just love making the high ponytail with long hairs just follow the above mentioned steps one by one carefully.