How To Make A Lace Up Back Wedding Dress

There are many women who are actually troubled with the question that how to make a lace up back wedding dress. Well making the lace up back wedding dress is not a complicated task ta ll as you just need to design your wedding dress and then filled it up with the gorgeous looking lace working as well. Lace wedding dresses have always been known as one of the best clothing for looking sexy and bold on the big day. Now without wasting any time we will going to move ahead to the main topic of the article! In the below article we will going to unveil the steps for making fabulous and stylish up back wedding dress.

How To Make A Lace Up Back Wedding Dress

How To Make A Lace Up Back Wedding Dress

1. In the very beginning you should make your mind clear that what kind of dress you want to wear on the wedding. Just make the list of fabric and decoration accessories all along with the rough sketch of the wedding dress as well.

2. Now as we are talking about the designing of lace up back portion then you have to put the dress on the floor for embellishing the back side of the wedding dress.

3. You have to start from the center of dress by marking the point with the chalk. You should start at least 3 inches below the waistline to the very top of the dress.

4. Now cut open the dress along the chalk line.

5. Now you have to fold the open fabric side of the dress in such a way that the back side of the dress will make the “V” shape. Now you have to pin the fold in place and cut off all till the 2 inches of the folded fabric. Now in this step you have to sew the folded fabric in place.

6. Now cut two pieces of clothing by measuring 2 inches wide by the length of the chalk line.

7. Now make the dots along the side of the “V” side of the fabric that is almost ½-inch away from the edge. Make sure that the dots are almost 1 1/2 inches apart.

8. Now you have to start inserting the buttons in the wedding dress and for this purpose you have to place the metal disc tool under the bottom piece of the eyelet and place the top piece of the eyelet all the way through the slit from the top of the fabric.

Well it often appear as complicated for the eyes but once you get perfect in the stitching you will no longer going to find any sort of intricate feelings for the second time of stitching.